name: David Geoffrey Hook


date of birth: 19th April 1962

nationality: Australian

primary qualifications

Grad. Dip. Economics, Graduate School of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne, 2010.
M. App. Sci., Computer Engineering, University of Melbourne, 1995.
B. A., Philosophy, University of Melbourne, 1987.
B. Sci., Computer Science, University of Melbourne, 1984.

computing skills


Programming, mentoring, team lead, agile development, architect, security, cryptography, computer graphics, concurrency, internet based systems, GUI development, CGI, J2EE, XML, Plone, servlets, design, analysis, specification development, presentations, writing.


Java, Perl, C, PHP, Python, and C++. Unix system shell scripting, JavaScript.


Solaris, Linux, Free BSD, AIX, Windows, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Postgres.

project summary

FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Certification of the Bouncy Castle Java and C# .NET APIs.

Development of an RPC-style MixNet for securely shuffling electronic ballots in order to guarantee anonymity.

Development of specialist APIs for encryption and certificate generation.

Development of a command line OpenPGP toolkit, portable across a range of machines including the AS 400.

Technical lead, analysis, design, and development management for a secure collaboration system based around need to know security with client side encryption.

Technical lead for the development of an on-line phone directory service with "fuzzy" as well as exact matching. System covered the entire Australian public phone network.

Writing ''Java Cryptography: Tools and Techniques''.

Sessional lecturer for Computer Graphics and Java3D.

Integration tools for automation systems.

Plone/Zope based library system for lecture presentation using transclusion to manage image copyright issues.

A "Paper, Profit and Loss" system for an oil trading Intranet site.

An online travel insurance system complete with payment gateway.

Secure web sites for handling reporting and insurance agent communication.

The Bouncy Castle JCE Provider, Lightweight Java Crypto APIs, and high level APIs.

Protocols and software for secure on-line voting using Java.


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